तीन बेटांची कहाणी (रेफ्युजी मालिकेतला पुढचा लेख)

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Refugee Boat

You have to understand,
That no one puts their children in a boat
Unless the water is safer than the land...

- वारसन शायर, ब्रिटिश कवयित्री



क्लाऊन्स विदाऊट बॉर्डर्स : निर्वासित मुलांना रिझवणारे ‘जोईज्’

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क्लाऊन्स विदाऊट बॉर्डर्स

Children, including refugee children, are the future. They need special protection and care to realize their potential.”
– UNHCR, Policy on Refugee Children

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