Submitted by आनंद on 4 August, 2008 - 02:00

I am developing an application using Ruby on Rails.
Whenever I deploy my application at customer end using apache, I have to put all ruby files there.
My problem is I do not want to give these ruby scripts. My deployment is not on a web hosts where only I have an access. The deployment is in customer environment where he/she can access ruby scripts.
Customer/user can copy/modify the code. This way I have major problems
1. I can not have some activation/registration code logic for licensing. Customer can go and change the "if" logic.
2. Customer can copy the whole code and make multiple copies.
Here Customer means the people at customer end.
I want to preserve my code from getting pirated.

Is there any way so that I can distribute my ruby code in binary format or as a library?
I came across some rubysript2exe utility, but after reading, I felt that one can decompile it to get source code.
I was thinking to write a module in apache, but I dont know whether I can do in such a way.

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