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मंडळी, हा public forum आहे. तेव्हा इथे स्वतःच्या जन्मतारखा, जन्मवेळा, पत्रिका वगैरे पोस्ट करताना आधी विचार करा. कुणी त्याचा दुरुपयोग करणार करु शकेल ही शक्यता गृहित धरुन जे काही पोस्ट करायचं ते करा. असा दुरुपयोग झाल्यास त्याची पूर्ण जबाबदारी संबंधित व्यक्तीची असेल. मायबोली व्यवस्थापन अथवा मायबोली त्याबाबतीत काही करु शकत नाही. तेव्हा ज्याने त्याने आपापल्या जबाबदारीवर आणि योग्य ती काळजी घेऊनच पत्रिका आणि तत्सम माहिती इथे पोस्ट करावी ही सूचना वजा विनंती.

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गोमेद (Gomed) हा रत्नाचा एक प्रकार आहे Happy ज्वेलरी शॉप मधे मिळेल Happy
(म्हणून मी या मिलिन्दास सान्गत अस्तो की बाबारे, देवनागरीमधे लिही! Proud )

धन्यवाद लिंबुजी Happy
मिंलिदजीनी सांगित्लेला ५ वा पाइंट मला समजावून सांगाल

वक्रतुंड महाकाय सुर्यकोटि समप्रभ|| निर्विघ्नं कुरूमेदेव सर्वकार्येषुसर्वदा ||||

>>>> 5. Even Powale -- Mangal's power could be used and watched for a few days. Mangal is neech and with Raahu...but again instead of this Pushkaraj woudl be better (Guru).But Powale would make him a bit more aggressive/positive etc.

याचे स्वैर भाषान्तर

५. काही दिवसान्चे देखरेखीखाली, मन्गळाची ताकद वापरण्यास अगदी पोवळे देखिल वापरता येईल. मन्गळ नीचेचा (बहुधा कर्केचा असावा) आणि राहूबरोबर आहे (त्यामुळे पोवळ्या ऐवजी) गुरू सम्बन्धीत पुष्कराज वापरणेच जास्त चान्गले. मात्र, पोवळे (वापरल्यास) ते त्या व्यक्तिस जास्त आक्रमक व होकारात्मक बनवेल

धन्स लिंबुदा , लवकर उत्तर दिल्याबद्दल Happy

वक्रतुंड महाकाय सुर्यकोटि समप्रभ|| निर्विघ्नं कुरूमेदेव सर्वकार्येषुसर्वदा ||||

मन्गल जर कर्केचा असेल तर पोवले वापरु नये. तसेच गोमेद हे करन्गलित धारन करावे. धारन करताना मन्त्र अर्ध्कर्य महविर्य चन्द्रदित्य विध्रभ नमहः सिहकघ्र्भ सम्भ्तु तनः राहु प्रन्मम्य्हः ह मन्त्र दिवसातुन कमीत कमी २० वेला आवर्तन करावे..

1. Although marriage-karak Venus is in 12th house in neech raashi and close to Shani, it is also with Guru so there is a good control.
2. The owner of 7th (marriage) house is in 2nd house in own raahsi good but it is with harshal but not very close so marriage a bit late is a good thing for him.
3. I think this is quite an ok kind of a sthal and apart from above issues which are not a big deal braker, it should be fine.

When I see such horoscope with similar points as 1 and 2 but overall ok...I check Palm and numerology while matching horoscopes. Shukra with Shani in 12th house in some cases could show some venereal issues but with Guru there the possibility reduces like anything.

Overall I think it is quite an ok horoscope. --> I don't know anything about girls' horoscopeso can't comment on match...

Date of 1 is good for pioneers/entrepreurs etc -- own business venture which is usually different or more than the family...


1. Aho, Gomed chandrachya botat jar Raahu Chandra kinva Raahu-Budh yuti asel tar ghalawe...ithe Mangal-Raahu yuti ahe!!
2. Mangal karket asel tarach tar Powalyachi garaj ahe na? Happy Shahrir jar kamjor asel tar wyayamachi GARAJ asanaar...! Happy Gemstones are like tonic. Mangal jar Makaraecha asek tar powale waya jail...Dara Singh la tonic pajanyasarakhe ahe !! Happy

3. I am not an expert on gemstones but Gomed can't be suggested in Karangali for **all** people. Upadhye saaheb suggests MIDDLE finger for GOMED/Lasanya: Which is also not correct in my opinion. Unless Raahu-Shani or Ketu Shani it should not be worn in middle finger..

This is just my opinion as it seems very logical to me.

Limbu-Bhai :: Thanks! Happy

Nutanj: Yes Powale would also help but it makes a person aggressive etc. If it is needed then this guy can go ahead with it. Else for overall better-luc/good being -- Pushkaraaj is recommended to him to increase power of Guru which is close to Shani.

धन्स मिलिंदजी Happy

वक्रतुंड महाकाय सुर्यकोटि समप्रभ|| निर्विघ्नं कुरूमेदेव सर्वकार्येषुसर्वदा ||||

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thanks milindji.
>>Shukra with Shani in 12th house in some cases could show some venereal issues
veneral issue mhanje kaay?
tyachi b.date 1/11/1980 ahe. tyavarun numerology tumhi baghu shakta ka?
--- manaswii.

1. Tyachi date tyhik ahe ho pun mulichi mahiti pahiije na? Happy 8, 17, 26 would be completely opposite to 1.
2. You can search on google for explanaiton on "venereal" issues.


Nmaskar Malindji

DOB : 26/03/1978
TOB : 10.05 PM

Mala kalu shakel ka, majhya lagnacha yog kadhi aahe to aani majhi sahacharini kashi (disayala aani swabhav) asel aani ti hi job karela ka lagnanantar?

Krupa karun majhya shankanche nirsan karave....



I think 1st August to Dec 2009 you have a great chance of finding someone as Guru would be aspecting saptamesh Mangal in 10th house.
2. It is quite possible to have someone from workplace/service sector, from a good/uchcha family. There is a possiobility if someone with flat feet or so or some ankle related issues. (You might also have similar issue).
3. As Shukra is in 6th house with Ketu : It could show some wrong habits at times which should be controlled by good deeds and sanyam. Else, they could come to haunt later on.
4. It is QUITE possible someone from maternal family or close to maternal family coming as "sthal" from them. Please do a family/overall background check in such case.
5. You can use KEtu's Lasanya in SIlver in left hand 4th finger (Anamika next to karangali). as Ketu is with Shukra and Ravi.
6. Thodi adhikar gajawarani bayako milu shakate.

Is there any problem? I posted the message two times regarding my brother. but didn't get any reply.


[A] Husband
1. Shani is owner of 5th house (Santati-sthan) and it is in 12th house (Wyay-sthan -- Du:sthan) and with Raahu. This is the root-cause for the delay. Shani is also Guru's nakshatra-swami.
2. Mangal's 8th Drushit is on Santati Kartak Guru. Guru is wakri but in uchcha raashi -- So this is a good thing despite Mangal's drushti. Guru's nakshtra Pushya is prob'ly the best of 27 nakshtras.
3. Guru's drushit is also on 5th house -- Again a good thing.
4. Navamansh horoscope has Raahu in 5th house and Mangal Ketu in 11th house with drushti on 5th house (adds to 1st point issue).
5. Moon's 5th house is occupied by Shukra in own raashi and in uchcha navamansh -- This is a VERY good news.
6. So overall synthesis shows that -- 2009 is a GREAT Year for Santati for him as Guru would aspect his patrika Guru directly and in 2010 Guru would directly aspect owner of 5th house Shani. SO 2009 for conceiving and 2010 for delivery are VERY GOOD. I am sure positive things would work out in these two years. So I think 2009 / 2010 tyanna ek ChakChakit Kanya-Ratna prapta hoil!
7. He can wear Pushkraaj in right hand index finger(next to thumb) is GOld. 3 carat. The amt spent as far as possible should not cross Rs 15000/16000 or so.
8. He can also wear Raahu's GOMED in left hand MIDDLE FInger (as Raahu is with Shani). This will surely help.
9. Hanumaan-Sadhana: Every morning 3-5 minutes focus/concentration (eye to eye contact) with Hanumaan tasveer would have a magical effect.

[B] Wife: If b-time changes by 5 minutes, lagna raashi would change and complete direction of analysis woudl be WRONG!! 5 minutes early is fine but 5 minutes later could be an issue. Horoscope shows going/staying 6-8 hours away from the native/birth place or even Panya-javal janma etc.

1. She is also having owner of 5th house (Mangal in her case) very close to Raahu but in 1st house. This also shows that she is a rebirth from paternal side. Grandfather's younger sister or so!? I am not an expert on this topic. You can check with the funny Asambhav writers! Happy
2. This Mangal in neech raashi and in not so great navamansh if Kanya & so close to Raahu shows some issues. Her paternal family needs to be acknowledged and tasveer iin house of Grandfather or his family etc would help.
3. Santati Karak Guru is with Shani which show delay for Santati (around 29-30 for women more for men). Guru is well placed (alone) in navamansh so that helps.
4. In 2009 Guru is aspecting patrika (natal) Guru and that is very good from Santati point of view and in 2010 Guru would be 5th house (Santati) to Moon so 2010 indicates a great chance.
5. She can also wear Pushkaraaj in right hand as mentioned above and also Gomed but in lfet hand 4th finger (as Raahu is close to Mangal) in silver.
6. Hanumaan-Sadhana would help again as mentioned above.

BOTH would benefit by paying tribute to Paternal Family -- I am not an expert or have NO CLUE on Natayan Naagbali or any other Pitru-related Vidhis. You can check Internet for the same and do your own searching etc before spending some big bucks! Happy But both have Raahu related issues in the horoscopes for Santati and Hanumaan Sadhana, Paying Tribute to Paternal family would help for both of them. I am sure 2010 would see a santati for them but all these things would also help the destiny/health/yog for the kid too! Hence trying to highlight the importance.

Hope this helps!
~Milind (Milind.Chitambar@gmail.com)

अहो moderator बुवा: please keep the previous post on this board !! My request was COMPLETELY wrongly intepreted (for the previous format board)...

Please keep the previous/history posts here like other Maayboli boards!!

Many of the analysis, overall astro posts go nowhere becos of current settings!!

THanks Milind,
here are details
Date : 29 July 1976
Time: 6.38 am (morning)
Place : Junnar

THanks again

I have always recommended AUTOBIOGRAPHY of a YOGI to everyone I met. Now, adding one more book (as easy to read as for 5th grade student.) to the list "Everything you need to know about Karma" by J.P. Waswani.

(1) The book details importance of omnipotent and omnipresent yet "Subtle law of Karma". ==> Everything happening to you is due to YOUR OWN deeds in past or this life.
(2) The examples given are so easy and relevant that it becomes a common sense. Some examples are from mythology and that explains how Lord Rama and Dasharatha and many more had to pay for their bad Karma: either the same or previous life.

(3) It also details the ways to create positive Karma:

  1. Good deeds,
  2. Passing good information,
  3. Doing everything that benefits someone,
  4. Charity of material / worldly things that come to you,
  5. Returning LOVE for EVERY Hatred & so on.
  6. FORGIVE AND FORGET is also equally important mantra.

(4) Actually some Chinese culture used to have a TABLE of earning good karma/points. 10,000 points earned guaranteed a GREAT santati who would bring great name to family.

(1) Sanchit Karma: The massive unpaid / un accounted for karma accumulated for your thousands of births. This is continuous process.

(2) Instant Karma: This doesn’t go to the Sanchit Karma. You do something and you get back something. Or you pay for something and get something in return etc. If one thing is missing then it would go to Sanchit karma (not paying a friend back after a udhari etc)

(2) Prarabdha Karma: At the time of the birth, a minor part of the Sanchit Karma is carved out for THIS BIRTH to work on. It is popularly called as the Destiny for this birth. You are supposed to have taken birth for this Prarabdha karma and DO NOT have access to the rest of the Sanchit Karma in this life. -- That is why sometimes Sad-GURUs are able to give you something to make your life a bit better to make you go thru the rest of the pending Prarabdha Karma. Probably, they are borrowing from our own Sanchit Karma!!?? (Not sure, just a thought)

(3) Despite limited to Prarabdha karma, we have a CHOICE: called as "Free Will" which should go hand in hand with Prarabdha Karma to pay off our bad deeds by suffering or good deeds.

Hand in Hand Example:: If you can’t have kids due to previous bad karma: Adopt someone or spend time/money for orphanages etc or pay thru sufferings w.r.t kids. Doing a puja or a yagna or making some 100 Brahmans eat is not going to solve it.

(4) IMP: Any other positive/negative bonds we create are added to Sanchit Karma -- This is a continuous process. So you can't take out from Sanchit Karma but are always adding +eve or -eve to Sanchit Karma.

(5) The best part your soul is ALWAYS aware of ALL your karma, part of which you can access th ru deep meditation!!

Interesting isn't it? It is so logical, it has to be true!!! Happy

30 July 1980
Time 6.30 pm
Place Mumbai

ह्या मुलीला लग्नाचा योग कधी आहे कळेल का? गेली ५ वर्षे प्रयत्न चालु आहेत तरी अजुन मनाजोगा मुलगा सापडला नाही. तिच्या घरचे चिंतेत आहेत त्यामुळे तीही चिताग्रस्त झालीय Happy


Excellence is not for someone else to notice but for your own satisfaction and efficiency...

[1] Ashbaby:
Shani is aspecting Shukra in CLOSE degrees and hence delay for marriage. Shukra in 6th hosue doesn't help the matters.

1. 2010 madhye sansanit yog ahe !! Guru would be going over the Moon and aspect 7th house from it where Guru is already aspecting the moon.
2. 2008 was a gREAT for finding a greta match.,
3. 6th house Venus and in A VERY dwiswabhavi part of the Mithun raashi at times shows (especially when aspected by Shani) anasaksti about "sambandh" or doubts etc while getting in relations. It could also show a relation with some vidhur etc at times -- a possibility not certainty.
4. This Venus usually makes person like a aged person or something similar. As Shani is aslso aspecting it in VERY close degrees, need to be careful.
5. The 7th hosue also has Raahu in ashlesha (teevra) nakshatra (and Ravi), again adding to the issues.
5. Owner of 7th (marriage) is in 2nd house (moon) again, Makar-adhipati in Marak sthan but it is in drushti of Guru so it reduces many illeffeccts described above.

Hope this helps! 2010 shoudl be very good. 2008 was also very good but 28 age might not be "late enough" for a Shani aspected Shukra in 6th hosue.

[2] NPintu:
Please also let me know the question, please.

धन्यवाद मिलिंद.

Excellence is not for someone else to notice but for your own satisfaction and efficiency...

Hello Milind,
How will financial and family life.
Is there any chance to get promotion?

hello Milind,
coming here after long.......i have lost my job 3 months back due to restructuring(i am in IT sales and marketing), was in a senior management profile. The slowdown effect where the organization went in downsizing mode. the fat paychecks went out first....i was amongst them
would like to know two important things....
1)when can i find a new opportunity(i am trying and now have started to receive feelers).
2) have some problems w.r.t my property(home) with the developer(in terms of compensation offered ,addl sq.feet given and my desire to take a bigger place in the same redeveloped building in the developer's wing).
The problems have been verbally resolved but the paper work is moving at a very very slow pace.The redevelopment work of the society has already begun. as is everyone's desire when do you think i can move in a bigger house...(atthacha 1 BHK aahe,...wud like to move in 2 or 3 BHK ).
getting a new job , then applying for loan...affordibility of EMI for such a house in mumbai etc.(mumbailach bhagaicha aahe...mumbai chya baher nahi).

Kindly advice.........

My details

Warm Regards

Dhanyawad Milindji,

Tyatil mala Point No.2 There is a possiobility if someone with flat feet or so or some ankle related issues, ha samjlela nahi.

Point No.4. It is QUITE possible someone from maternal family or close to maternal family coming as "sthal" from them. Please do a family/overall background check in such case. Ya baddal tu jast kahi vishleshan karu shakata ka?

Tumhi mala lagn jamnyacha jo period sangitalela aahe i.e.1st August to Dec 2009, tyvelet ch lagn jamel? ki tyanantar sudha ase yog yet astat?

Thanks in Advance


1. 1st Aug to End of Dec jabardast yog ahe. As you are Moon Sign TUl and GUru would be 5th in complete 2010 --- 2010 also shows a GREAT yog etc etc.

2. Tumachya kade kunache Flat Feet ahet ka? You or anyone from parenst relatives? Shakyata disatey tumachya horoscope madhye