Workshop on Child Development and Raising Kids Effectively, by Manashakti

Submitted by चना on 10 July, 2009 - 11:56
Bethesda Regional Library (7400 Arlington Road, Bethesda MD 20814) Large Meeting Room

This workshop aims to discuss the following topics:

Child Development: Emotional and Spiritual Quotients (EQ & SQ)
• Definition, meaning and scientific evidences of EQ and SQ
• Role and functions of EQ and SQ
• Understanding the processes of ‘Nature’ and ‘Nurture’
• Symptoms of high and low EQ/SQ
• Guidance for parents, parenting evolution

Young Kids: Raising Them Effectively
• 12 common types of stress affecting children
• Influence of genes and environment in shaping a child’s life
• 12 virtues for overall development of children
• Techniques for children for achieving tension free success in their studies
• What can parents do for their children

About Manashakti: Manashakti is a non-profit organization based in Lonawala, Maharashtra, India. Manashakti has been engaged in a variety of beneficial activities aimed towards all age groups, from kids to elders. Manashakti has been working for the welfare of individuals, families, society, nation and humanity by focusing on eight aspects: knowledge, service, devotion, sanskaar, research, inspiration, energy and peace. Manashakti is unique in that it supports its philosophy by conducting experiments and research that focuses exclusively on the role of one's mind in one's overall well-being. The belief is that with the appropriate understanding of the effects of mind-power, one can achieve the desired success as well as overcome failure. Based on some of its pioneering 'mind research', Manashakti offers over 25 types of study courses and camps, over 70 types of unique mind-body tests, and over 250 books in five languages. Based on scientific and philosophical concepts, it offers guidance on topics such as meditation techniques, stress management, study techniques, psycho-feedback therapy, memory development, pre-natal education, science of disease, etc. You can get more information about the organization at:

About the speaker: Mr. Pramod S. Shinde, affectionately known as Pramodbhai, is a senior trustee of Manashakti. He has dedicated his life to Manashakti's work, and has been actively involved with the center for the past 40 years. He began participating in social service activities since the age of 16. He has extensive experience in strategic planning and development activities, and with his exceptional leadership, he has effectively served as the Executive Trustee of Manashakti Trusts for over 15 years. He oversees and coordinates the daily functions of 50+ local brances of Manashakti. He has delivered thousands of lectures on a range of topics, including parenting, education, health, philosophy and meditation to audiences in India, UK, USA and Canada. He has been interviewed on radio and TV, and routinely contributes thought-provoking articles in the monthly magazine published by Manashakti.

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