EPS ला विरोध का नाही?

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सध्या सरकारच्या EPF withdrawal rule वर प्रचंड टीका होत आहे. त्यामुळॅ तो मागे पण घेण्यात आला. चांगलेच झाले. पण ह्या आधीच्या सरकारने जो EPS withdrawal rule आणाला आहे तो जास्त अन्यायकारक आहे.
EPFलाला किमान व्याज तरी मिळत होते.EPS ला तेही नाही.

Abhishek Bade, Assistant Manager-HR, IIFL, explains, “To withdraw from EPS, an employee needs to contribute at least for six months. He has to fill Form No. 10 C (E.P.S) to claim withdrawal benefit. However, if the employee completes 10 years of the service, the withdrawal option ends. Thus, after 10 years of completion of the service, the employee cannot withdraw from his EPS.”
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Q. Is the Monthly Pension paid under EPS just?

The amount of pension is meager. If one would have invested Rs 541)(now१२५० अधिकतम) in a recurring deposit at the rate of 8% for 35 years one would get 12,49,263 (now more)as maturity amount. If this maturity amount is put in buying the Pension plan say LIC’s Jeevan Akshay VI and put the above amount Rs 12,49,263(now much more as per 1250) in the premium calculator of LIC with option as Annuity payable for life, one would get monthly pension of Rs 10,150(now much more recalculate as per 1250 per month) which is much more than Rs 3250 which is given by Govt. under EPS .

ह्यावर जाणकार प्रकाश टाकतील का?
मजदुर संघटना तेव्हा काहीच कशा react नाही झाल्या?

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