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चाणाक्ष आहात सगळे Wink

पण हे (ट्रान्सलेशन) धड सुपर पण नाही आणि अगदीच टाकाऊ पण नाही (नाहीतर विनोद तरी चांगले करता आले असते).

कोणत्या पानाचे भाषांतर सगळ्यात विनोदी आहे याची स्पर्धा ठेवायला हवी. अ‍ॅडमीन तशी स्पर्धा चालू देणार नाहीत, त्यामुळे वेळ असल्यास आणि तसे प्रयत्न केल्यास डकवा ईथेच कुठेतरी.

मस्त आहे हे... मी आताच गूगल ट्रान्स्लेटर वापरुन करुन बघितले.... कै च्या कै भाषातंर आहे ५०:५०

गुगल फार मटेरियालिस्टिक आहे. आपण जीव ओतून 'साहित्यनिर्मिती' करतो, त्याचे त्याने 'मटेरियल' केले. Sad Proud

(पण बाकी, गुगल आशावादीही जरूर आहे. 'पुण्यातले सिटी' शोधतोय. मला तर वाटलं होतं, पुणे हे अजिबात शिस्त नसलेलं एक भलंमोठं खेडं आहे.)


माहिती हवी आहे चं Information is असं दणदणीत भाषांतर केलंय.

आणि मायबोली चक्क मायाबोली झालीये की! धन्य आहेत गुगलराव.

त्यांची मनापासून माफी मागतोय. त्यांनी आक्षेप घेतला तर अर्थातच मागे घेईन..

The sanance anarthasastra
Gangadhar mute | 30 August, 2013 - 07:29
The sanance anarthasastra

That day I was thankfully pahateca Chakradhar. It should pravasibega me go to Pandharpur. I hear that you're prepared to go to Pandharpur suddenly Chakradhar udaloca. But they say it was my day. Pesticides as a private company and asked if there was a program of calatosa, but at least one of the all time nahica fortnight. Antaramasagata karayaciya farm, spraying karayaciya, condemned - khurapana karayaceya. If it was meant. Thodyasaca the distance from my farm and farm and farm Farm Crops itthambhuta the information I have.

Since the first farm to farm Chakradhar pikaparisthiti is so good. The village was already positively tested them in the soil was removed COTTON dhulaperani finish. Khakya than your usual pavasanehi bebharanvasaca Chakradhar was a listen, and its cultivation has been COTTON. There is always a chance to appreciate the people that courage can praciti this event they should have. Hurupa farming until the killing was Chakradhar was rabayala. I believe that, with the "idapida talanara and institutions have the freedom pasatuna". Karmadharma produced in conjunction with the exuberant and well received, it can not be bhavahi. The company, pesticide program is mhatalya Naval not feel much on the lot.

Now, I'm ready to go to Pandharpur Chakradhar the accident was unexpected. I want to know exactly what is unknown and was very curious. The first case was in the hands of the passenger, it was the best journey, I should get my panduranganca offerings, and request haluca and asked,

"What Chakradhar, and how all of a sudden contemplation akhala buva Pandharpur?"

"Ini, I was beaten with rods kasala akhato pandharica? Pandurangaca If I do not bolavayala alaya" auto Chakradhar hist.

"I got the invite pandurangaca the self?" I asked vispharuna saucer eyes.

"Well then? Pandurangaci the desire. Was second?" What is nirvikarapane Chakradhar.

"Oh, but I attribute the aikalanya of panic - it is formless. Moreover, if there is a" scant knowledge of your field or ugalata I go.

"I do not, so ravasahebam pandharica Vithoba dream of alaya" My question is ubaga alyagata Chakradhar said. But I could not stop the dialogue. My anxiety reached the peak.

"Ravasahebam dream of? Raosaheb and I, both are asked?" I phekalaca question.

"Ini Baba, I can not do. Now pahatepahate Vithoba - Rukmini doghambi ravasahebam the dream aleta and ravasahebanna adesaca to get Chakradhar immediately pandharila sending it. Poor Raosaheb dhavatapalata I aleta and mhanaleta of, you know the right people in the car immediately Pandharpur for nigha. The money problem Want ravasahebanni my hand already on the underground janyayenyala uratila so I kept the money. gum that is close to your Raosaheb affectionate. " My question would have been, and I sarabattila vaitagalelya Chakradhar a damata than what was jhapajhapa steps.

There was a change in the sareca Home pandharici by Chakradhar. COTTON khuntuna tree growth was khuratale lacks a spray. Preparation and weeding Plethora tananci was non existent. Take up the preparation of the alyaalya said. Nusataca was leaving early the rain was not there. Pangayace demonstrates gheina heavenly clouds. It was made in the preparation and that are ughada the Status field is Chakradhar when the rain comes, and Chakradhar pandharapurata cultivator was able to work. Weed growth around the end of the grass field was jikadetikade gavataca. COTTON gavatakhali was completely dabuna. I'd like to have the same. Ekavarsata Raosaheb institutions of the loan that was a free pasatuna away, it is a progressive karjabajaripanaca dongaraca.

The bankers are happy Raosaheb. By the dream is sexual mastapaiki maraleli beat them. If you do have a full-fledged retail debtor to the creditor? The debtor should always ensure budunaca loan, the same creditor wishes. Nana tyasathica sort of a work dhanakodvara r ptya ladhavinyace Needless avyahatapane.

When I say the same thing to many they are savakaracaca passion. Dhoparaparyanta kadhanyacihi peeled from the corner of the language is an agricultural hangamataca to visit Pandharpur fill? Konica not answered. PANDURANGA of the farmers in the community, pandhari bhaktavarga is high. Give full attention to the needs of the farmers in your setitaca, or exactly when asadhi kartikici of glory starts? More logical to consider the religious or puranasastriya level is essential to be considered.

Bharatavarsata farm As the season generally starts in the month of June and December in the main season Kharif season ends. The strange thing is that, in the same period, the main festival is. In June, the main agricultural season was out-of starts. He is the person who removed the festival anakhica dhakalayala loan debt already. Sanam kharcatuna or the farmer can not be out of padataca, the system is not the most, also can be vividly. During this period, all that the sanance - Fixed the menu pakvannace sananurupa to be said. Nagapancamila Karanj, Ladu, What are the Chuckles. Raksabandhanala thread bahinikade price or provide bhavakade jayaceca sister is. The cost of travel is one of the host to another. Bull-of-pola sajavaveca required. It is godadhada randhaveca. Again of a frugal farmer polyanimitta smarter than I pancapakvanna tevadhyaca money by eating in the field of chemical fertilizer bags they can not choose to insert a farmer on the home gadimanusa jevayala say, this has been given to them ritirivaja. I do not talataca jevayala be foreign to the pancapakvanna. The cost of the farmer characteristically refrain from putting in the time margaca has been closed. The three days of the pola. Vadhabaila, and nandipola bull. This leaves three Bull's shoulders to the zoo. Ughada of the field and then to be able to autakama is tyavelesa can not work because of a pola. Pola ended and then clicked on the start of the rain does not work. I have lost or are characteristically week or fortnight pretty. They have suffered severe cash crops.

Haritalika, rsipancami, mangalagaura, kanhoba, Mahalaxmi - gauripujana, sravanamasa the same period, it is. Gymnasium and akharapakha (all pitrdarsa moon) or Kh sananca marahi hangamalaca worsen it. Ganapati Bappa in the lives of leaving early. Saradadevi, Durgadevi palayace of Navratri is that they fear the wrath of my house and I was told to go and be able Aloud and is a procession. Bappanna ten - fifteen days Modak is puravaveca. Almond, Coconut kharaka is dyavyaca. OT is durgadevici bharavica. It ends with Dussehra is not the same, the plaintive z forever young dasaryaci novelty of the End of the Rana bhulabai are already bhuloji. Coarse-grained, hadagyala julunaca is kojagari.

Farm As the season's element is. Huradya on sorghum, COTTON, I was on the ball, and the shuttle is fulorya. The crop should be mature, farmers market and go home and still have a holiday far too much money to come to the farm on the last legs of the waist to the arrival of a new modanya prakasaparvace. Arasa phatakya of lights and atasabajice. It should not celebrate the festival loan from a farmer who frequently call sahanyance the other hand, the peak of the festival, all of the farmers are thakata darasamora unexpectedly. But as is the festival of light, Diwali and atasabajica different and tasty foods to eat festival is pancapakvanna. To celebrate the festival sejarya farmer's house and decided to have a spicy smelling the farmers uthata wave of kids lick excessively settled? Diwali is new to the textile apparel. Remove the cloth for the purchase of new loans or credit to the cloth shop to buy. Has been appointed a Special Day for laksmipujana. Agricultural Commodities pikavilela every farmer does not have to sell the home where he was going? The laksmice to which the laksmipujana? The farmers will worship laksmice, Lakshmi and her ownership of the money lender or bank is usanavarici. Copyright akasadivyance jhagamaganarya at the cost of the house and transferred to the General stoaravalya tevanarya divavatitila oil in the possession of the owner of the copyright Grocery. All costs and expenses to meet the sanance field crop farmer standing in farm house of the mortgage is prior to pocaya. The bust of the most sananni the farmer to keep his balance dhadutahi room, and that is the nirdharaca.

And most important consideration in the uparati and goods in December and farmers market is going to come out of the money they are suddenly interrupted sananci series. Singapramane name of the festival is missing prakaraca Ass. The festival, which is to be binakharcika nivvalaca December. "Take tilagula sweet and sweet talk" across the tilasankranta bhurakyavaraca want to say tilagula. Holi is the color of the bolavana anya twelve. Rice pudding is made of renewable atopuna error. Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated gharagharata coming kharif season. Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti mandirataca Celebrating the arrival of the summer, and farmers are not ad lib khadakuhi spends phukatataca get to eat the offerings. That's when the farmers of the revenue that they can afford, when I celebrated the festival of the money is not available at all. Milakatituna not to buy new clothes, obtained automatically. Own income godadhada money - do not insert the pancapakvanne by mulabalanna eat. Pori father's house to go to sister's home or price. He's got the money and the goods vikuna Grocery, textile dukanaci phedayaci credit. Fed banks or pawn contract debts or interest on a loan made to be designed to be the next new agricultural season. This is the sort ajabaca krsipradhana mhanavanarya sanam culturally.

Describe the importance of the historical sanam nirmitimagace that puranasastri Me Nothing, but setimadhalya Income Accumulation of farmers when they should not, farmers always ensure this objective is clearly bust thevunaca sananci eyes what kind of ancient times and the laws of the niyojanabaddharitine has been launched, it is a fact. Agriculture and farmer during the same period, they have to be more cross sananca badejava setivyavasayala Not useful. Utpadanasambandhi required to spend the sanasarakhya mis spend on unproductive things, setivyavasayala can never be helpful. Sanance anarthasastra agricultural economics was the most striking is the way of the next khunagatha manasi bandhunaca is essential.

- Gangadhar - Have your say Diwali -2012 points)

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There magataya apology? Mood. But I thank you, thank you.

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मला प्रतिसादात जे म्हणायचे होते, ते तुम्हाला गूगलने भाषांतर करून सांगीतले आहे. चला लावा अर्थ बघू. Happy

- गंगाधर मुटे

आपण सगळे गूगलला लिहू की तुमचे भाषांतर अत्यंत चुकीचे असते. अगदी ताबडतोब भाषांतर करण्याच्या नादात वाट्टेल ते लिहीतात. आणि कुणाला काही artificial intelligence, translations करण्याचा अनुभव असेल तर एक प्रोपोजल द्या गूगल ला की आम्ही करतो ते काम, निदान कन्सल्टिंग तरी करतो.