तत्काल मदत हवी आहे

Submitted by sanky on 22 February, 2013 - 23:42

मी संकेत तरल मायबोली id (sanky), सर्व मायबोलीकरांना माझी विनंती आहे की खाली नमुद केलेल्या कोणत्याही व्यक्तीला तुम्ही ओळ्खत असाल तर मला तत्काल संपर्क करा. मला नोकरीच्या निमित्ताने दुबई ला जाव लागतय त्यामुळे मला तत्काल पासपोर्ट साठी अर्ज करावयाचा आहे. त्यासाठी मला खाली नमुद केलेल्या अधिकार्‍यांपैकी कोणा एका अधिकार्‍या कडुन verification letter सादर करावयाचे आहे. खुप प्रयत्न केल्यावर सुद्धा माझ्या ओळखीत कुणी मदत करु शकल नाही. त्यामुळे आपल्या कुणाच्या ओळखीत कोणी मदत करु शकत असेल तर जरुर कळवा..

--आपला आभारी
संकेत तरल (sanky)

This Verification Certificate may be got signed by any of the following:
(i) An Under Secretary/Deputy Secretary/Director/Joint Secretary/Add.
Secretary/Special Secretary/Secretary/Cabinet Secretary to Government of India
(ii) A Director/Joint Secretary/Additional Secretary/Special Secretary/Chief Secretary
to a State Govt.
(iii) A Sub-Divisional Magistrate/First class Judicial Magistrate/Additional DM/District
Magistrate of the district of residence of applicant.
(iv) A District Superintendent of Police, DIG/IG/DGP of the district of residence of
(v) A Major and above in the army, Lt. Commander and above in the Navy and Sq.
Leader and above in the Air Force
(vi)The General Manager and above of a Public Sector Undertaking
(vii All members of any All India Service or Central Service who are equivalent to or
above the rank of an Under Secretary to the Government, i.e. with Grade pay
of Rs.6,600/- and above.
(viii)Resident Commissioners/Additional Resident Commissioners of all State
Governments based in Delhi.
(ix)Concerned Tehsildars or concerned SHOs for an applicant staying in the area
under his/her jurisdiction.
(x) The Chairmen of the Apex Business Organizations, i.e. FICCI, CII and
ASSOCHAM in respect of owners, partners or directors of the companies that
are members of the concerned Chamber in prescribed performa as at Annexure
“J”. (The certificate should specify applicant is a owner/ partner/ director of the

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