ल्युकेमिया ग्रस्त मित्रासाठी मदतीचे आवाहन

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माझा जवळचा मित्र, सचिन खोलमकर, याला ल्युकेमिया (ब्लड कॅन्सर) झाल्याचे नुकतेच निदान झाले. त्याला बोन मॅरो ट्रान्सप्लांट ची त्वरीत गरज आहे.
अधिक माहीती त्याची पत्नी - जयना - हीच्या शब्दातः

Dear Friends,

Please take a moment to read this e-mail about my husband, Sachin Kholamkar. In 2012, during the Thanksgiving weekend, Sachin was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) which is cancer of the blood. He is fighting for his life and needs a bone marrow transplant within the next 6-8 weeks. The number of South Asians in the bone marrow registry is very low and this makes it difficult for doctors to find him a match. This is why we need your help.

Three Things You Can Do
1. Please join the donor registry: If you're between the ages of 18 - 44 and in good general health, you are eligible to register. Getting registered is quick and requires a simple cheek swab (less than 5 minutes of your time) and filling a form (5 minutes of your time). You can join the registry online at www.bethematch.org or at local drives. To find a drive near you, visit www.samarinfo.org or www.marrow.org. For those of you around Houston, TX and Bay Area, CA, please see below for drives being conducted in January 2013.

2. Spread the word: Please share this e-mail message with at least 10-15 people (particularly South Asians), and ask them to do the same. Please use the power of your address book and the web to spread this message. Below is an e-flyer for the same and a pdf version is attached which can be printed and posted at local stores and restaurants. Also, please point your friends to the local drives and ask them to get registered.

3. Organizing drives: Bone marrow registration drives need to take place in the next 3-4 weeks to be of help to Sachin. You can find more information about organizing drives at http://www.samarinfo.org/drivehelp.asp

Join the crowd. Register to be a bone marrow donor and be the one who can make a difference and save a life. Do it because you can.

Thank you!

Dr. Jayna Dave

For individuals around Houston, TX and Bay Area, CA:

Please bring the following information for your consent form to register at the drives: Your general information including your social security number or driver's license number OR the information of two contacts (friends or relatives) who do not live with you.


Sachin, 32, is an engineering professional from Houston, TX with a Duke MBA. After a dramatic proposal to his sweetheart Jayna, they got married a few months ago. Like all couples, they share dreams of growing together, of having adorable kids and of traveling the world. But these dreams were overturned all of a sudden when he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (Blood cancer) with a very rare chromosomal translocation. This disease has very poor prognosis (chances of recovery).

The only available treatment for overcoming this dreaded disease is a bone marrow/stem cell transplant from a matching donor. His best chance of finding this donor is from his own racial and ethnic background (South Asian).

You can offer Sachin a precious gift of life and a chance to live out his dreams.

Please REGISTER TODAY at www.bethematch.org so that you can help save the lives of individuals such as Sachin and anyone else who is in need of a bone marrow/ stem cell transplant.

Please contact SAMAR to volunteer and conduct a marrow registry drive and bring a smile back to life!

Email: samar@samarinfo.org


What to Know?

· A bone marrow/ stem cell transplant is the most effective treatment for individuals diagnosed with leukemia and other fatal blood diseases.

· Patients are most likely to match someone who shares their racial and ethnic background.

· A minority patient has 20-25 percent less chance of finding a match in the registry than a Caucasian patient, which is a tremendous disadvantage to the patient.

· Out of 10 million donors only 188,000 are of South Asian origin.

· 70 percent of patients do not have a matched donor in their family.

What to Do?

· All healthy individuals, ages 18–44, can register to be donors at live marrow registry drives or online at www.bethematch.org. Adults,ages 45–60, can register online for $100 tax-deductible payment.

· Initially you willcomplete a consent form which is followed by a cheek swab sample (takes ~10 mins).

· If you are a preliminary match, you will be asked to do blood work to confirm ifyou are a complete match and if you are healthy enough to donate.

· If you are a complete match and donate, a simple procedure is performed to withdraw the marrow from the back of your hip bone using a special needle. General anesthesia is used to prevent pain during the procedure. An alternative method is to collect blood stem cells from your blood through apheresis.

· Your body will naturally replace the marrow/stem cells in a few weeks.

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मंदार, तुमच्या मित्राच्या तब्बेतीचं ऐकून वाईट वाटलं. त्यांना लवकर मॅचिंग बोनमॅरो डोनर मिळो ही सदीच्छा.

तोवर साउथ एशियन कम्युनिटीनं आपआपल्या गावात चौकशी करून, ड्राइव्हच्या दिवशी खरंच डोनर म्हणून रजिस्टर करावं. देवळांत, निरनिराळ्या देशी कार्यक्रमांत यांचे लोक / व्हॉलंटियर्स येतात. तुम्ही बरेच लोक तयार असाल तर त्यांना बोलवता येईल.

मी आणि नवरा गेल्या अनेक वर्षांपासून, तुम्ही वर नमूद केलेल्या, अमेरिकेतल्या National Marrow Donor Program अंतर्गत असलेल्या Be the Match प्रकल्पात नाव नोंदवलेलं आहे. मॅच झालो तर नक्की मदत करू.

आणखी एक महत्त्वाचं, तुम्ही आधीच रजिस्टर्ड असाल, आणि तुमचा पत्ता, आरोग्य यात काही बदल झाले असतील तर कृपया ते बदल ताबडतोब कळवा, वेबसाइटीवर अपडेट करा. याचा खूप फायदा होऊ शकतो.


आमचीही नावं नोंदवलेली आहेत. मॅच झाल्यास नक्की मदत करू.
तुमच्या मित्राला लवकर आवश्यक ते उपचार मिळोत आणि बरं वाटो.

मी पण SAMAR ची सदस्य आहे.
मॅच झाल्यास नक्की मदत करेन.
<तुमच्या मित्राला लवकर आवश्यक ते उपचार मिळोत आणि बरं वाटो.>>>+१

एक शंका..

आजार असणार्‍या व्यक्तीच्या रक्त संबंधातील नातेवाईकांचा बोन मॅरो बहुतेकदा मॅच होतो असे असते का? की तशी बहुतेकदा शक्यता असते?

मदत तर करू शकणार नाही पण भारतात अशी रजिस्ट्री करायची कल्पना यामुळे सुचलीय.
सध्यातरी आम्ही फक्त आमच्या जिल्ह्याची ब्लड ग्रुप रजिस्ट्री केलीय.

सर्वांना धन्यवाद!

<< आजार असणार्‍या व्यक्तीच्या रक्त संबंधातील नातेवाईकांचा बोन मॅरो बहुतेकदा मॅच होतो असे असते का? >>

हो. शक्यतो ८०-९०% मॅच होतो, आणी बहुतेक प्रकारच्या ल्युकेमिया मधे तो चालून जातो.
दुर्दैवाने सचिनला झालेला ल्युकेमिया दुर्मिळातल्या दुर्मिळ प्रकारचा आहे त्यामुळे त्याला १००% मॅच होणारा बोन मॅरो पाहीजे. त्याच्या भावाचा ९०% मॅच झाला पण चालणार नाही....

अमेरिकेत बर्‍याच शहरांमधे ड्राईव होत आहेत. लवकर मॅच मिळेल अशी आशा आहे!