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Defence, nuclear units were on Karnataka terror radar

NEW DELHI: Vital Army, Navy and nuclear installations in south India were on the terror radar of the suspects arrested in Bangalore and Hubli for allegedly plotting to target MPs, MLAs and journalists in Karnataka. During interrogation, they apparently said Saudi Arabia-based handlers of these terrorists are Pakistanis and Indians.

"Most politicians who were in the hit list of these suspected terrorists belong to BJP, one of them a party Rajya Sabha MP," said an official.

Karnataka Police recovered photographs and sketches of South Indian defence installations from the suspects. DRDO claimed "no sensitive or classified information was compromised" after the busted terror plot revealed involvement of one of its scientists Aijaz Ahmed Mirza.

Police suspect there must be some connection between these recovered photographs and sketches and Mirza, who might have been in touch with others in defence establishments over the months.

Though the police did not find any details relating to nuclear establishments during the raids in Bangalore and Hubli, three of the 11 terrorists - linked to Pakistan-based outfits Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Harkat-ul-Jihad-Al-Islami (HuJI) - admitted during interrogation that they were also asked to do surveillance of these installations by their handlers in Saudi Arabia. Central agency sources said two of the arrested suspects had also visited Tehran before going to Pakistan.

It is learnt that the inputs about these two modules, operating out of Hubli and Bangalore, had come from Andhra Pradesh during technical surveillance on some of the 'remnant' groups of the slain HuJI terrorist Shahid Bilal.

Although Bilal, who had set up network in Hyderabad and other cities in Andhra Pradesh before fleeing to Pakistan, was reportedly shot dead in Karachi, some people belong to the modules created by him are active in many southern states. "Arrest of some more persons of these modules cannot be ruled out at this juncture", said the official.

These details emerged even as DRDO on Friday said that Mirza had been placed as Junior Research Fellow (JRF) for the past few months at the Centre for Air Borne Systems (CABS), a DRDO laboratory, after a thorough background check. "Verification of his antecedents including by police was conducted in the process of Mirza's placement on the temporary position of JRF," the DRDO said in a statement.

अतिरेक्यांशी संबंध ठेवणार्या व भारतातील संवेदन शील ठिकाणी काम करणार्या लोकांना पोलिसांनी
पकडल्यावर त्यांची पाळेमूळे खणून काढायला सुरुवात झालीय. बरीच माहीती हाती लागलीय.

ही नुसतीच बातमी नाही. त्यावर चर्चा होणे आवश्यक आहे.

चर्चे साठी मूद्दे:

१. भाग १. http://www.maayboli.com/node/37550
मध्ये लोकांनी दिलेल्या प्रतीसादानुसार अतिसंवेदनशील विभागात सुद्दा कोणालाही नोकरीवर
ठेवावे. त्यात धर्म वैगेरे पाहू नये. पोलिस क्लिअरंस मात्र असावा.
वरील बातमीतील मुख पात्र ऐझाझ अहमद मिर्झा याला DRDOमध्ये पुर्ण चौकशीनंतरच नोकरीवर
ठेवण्यात आले होते. तरी मग ह्या मिर्झाचा अश्या लोकांशी संबंध कसा काय आला.
पोलिस चौकशीसुद्दा फार्स असतो का ?.

DRDO ने म्हंटल्या प्रमाणे संवेदनशील माहीतीची गळती झाली नाही.
एक तर मिर्झा हा अती संवेदनशील विभागात काम करत होता. त्यात तो अतिरेकी संघटनाशी मिळालेला
होता, तेव्हां त्याने सरळ DRDO मधिल कागद पत्र लिक न करता, DRDO मध्ये काम करताना वाचलेले,
अभ्यासलेले कागदपत्रा वरुन त्रोटक माहीती त्या अतिरेकी संघटनाना पुरवली तरी हे देश द्रोहाचे काम होते.

३. अतिरेकी संघटनाना संभाव्य स्थळाची रेकी करावी लागते. त्या स्थळाचे नकाशे लागतात. अशे नकाशे ह्या
लोकांकडे मिळाले आहेत. जर मुळ DRDO कागदपत्रे व माहीती लिक न करता DRDOचे असे नकाशे,
संवेदन शील ठिकाणाची माहिती दिली तरी अतिरेकी संघटनांचे काम झाले.

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