मोहंमद युनुस ह्यांची मुलाखत

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शेवटचा प्रतिसाद
11 वर्ष ago

काल शेतकर्‍यांच्या प्रश्नावर चर्चा चालु असताना म्हणालो तसे ही मुलाखत इथे लिंक मध्ये देत आहे!

मोहंमद युनुस ह्यांची मुलाखत एबीसी न्युज चॅनेल ने दाखवली. सोबत तिचे टेक्स्ट पण दिलेले आहे.


Poverty is not created by the poor people. It is not their fault that they are poor. Poverty is created by the system, imposed on good blooded human beings and we can peel it off. Today I can almost say that almost two thirds of the world population are rejected by the conventional banking system for no fault of their own. I said, banks come and tell us that you are not credit worthy, I said, shouldn't it be the other way round? The people should be telling whether the banks are people worthy

ANDREW DENTON V/O: In 1971, whilst Muhammad was teaching economics in the US, the Bangladesh war for independence from Pakistan erupted. He spent a year in Washington, raising support for the cause ... and as soon as he could, he returned home to help build the new nation. But in 1974, as famine gripped his country, he quickly realized that everything he had learned about economics ... all his theories and financial models ... meant nothing in the face of poverty.

MUHAMMAD YUNUS: I believe that, totally, poverty is not part of human being, that is my first premise, so if it not part of human being the real human being will emerge some day, it is the stupidity of human being that created poverty, so stupidity can not go on, the real creativity of human being will take over the stupidity and it will completely eliminate it and this is the century when it will happen.

MUHAMMAD YUNUS: Well you read about America all the time, but being there is quite an experience ... the cultural shocks and the little things, like when you go to a restaurant, you order something and dozens and dozens of questions they will ask you before they deliver to you. Even at breakfast you ask for an omelette and there'll be several questions. What kind of omelette, I said "Omelette is an omelette, what can you ask?" Because here you just order an omelette you get an omelette, you don't get a dozen questions about it. So you don't know how to answer all those questions and you'll look stupid as "why is he asking questions?"

MUHAMMAD YUNUS: Yes as a young teacher, teaching economics and full of enthusiasm of building a new nation. So suddenly you see a different kind of thing. You're not fighting against an enemy with guns and things, this is just people can't eat, they die of hunger. So you challenge yourself. What good is your economics if you can't find a solution to this problem? All those elegant theories, these are meaningless things, these are just... telltale stories, meaningless, empty words. Hungry people don't need your theories, hungry people need their food and where is the food coming from. What does your theory says about the food? So you see that you are totally useless in terms of meeting this challenge of the situation and you are an empty person, you cannot do anything about this. So at one point I said why can't I just be a human being? And stand next to another human being? And see if I can touch them, if I can help them, even for a single day.

Business means business to make money. So this whole world only has one pair of glasses, profit making glasses, so we are fitted with the profit maximising glasses. We see the world with this profit making, we cannot think of anything else. All I am asking, why can't we take these off for a while and put on the social business glasses? Whole world would look different. So I have a choice, I will try both on and I will see what I want to do, and I will do it.

See making money is an exciting thing. You can find a lot of pleasure in making money. Changing the world is the most exciting thing in the world. We have to make a decision that I will not live my life in a way that will take away the enjoyment of life for another person- that simple decision, that's all.


मोहोम्मद युनुस हे नोबेल पारितोषक विजेते, बांग्लादेशातील प्रख्यात 'ग्रामीण बँके'चे कर्तेधर्ते आहेत. यांनी अनेक गरिबांना बिनव्याजी भांडवल देवून त्यांना व्यवसायाठी मदत केली.

स्वयंसहायता गटाचा कन्सेप्ट त्यानी दिला. थर्ड वर्ल्ड मधली गरिबी निर्मूलनाची ही सगळ्यात यशस्वी योजना समजली जाते. या ग्रामीन बँकेची वसुली टक्केवारी ९९% आहे. आपण हा कन्सेप्ट घेऊन त्याची 'वाट' लावून दाखवली....

धन्यवाद चंपकजी...!
" Poverty is not created by the poor people. It is not their fault that they are poor. Poverty is created by the system, imposed on good blooded human beings and we can peel it off. "
भारतिय राज्यकर्ते हे मानायलाच तयार नाही.
चंपकजी, मराठी स्वैर भाषांतर केल्यास मराठीकरांनाही सोइचे होइल.

इथे ही मुलाखत दिल्याबद्दल धन्यवाद. चांगले बोलले आहे महंमद युनुस. मला त्यांचे नोबेल पुरस्कार मिळतांना केलेले भाषण पण खूप आवडले होते. त्यात त्यांनी विचारले होते (नक्की आठवत नाही पण असेच काही तरी होते) If every one in the world thinks that there should not be any poverty then why it is still there, Its there because we want to have it there. खरच विचार करायला लावणारा प्रश्न.

<< हुड, भारतात कोणी आणि नेमकी कशी वाट लावली हे ही लिहीणार का? >>
अगदी सर्वांनी मिळुन.
गरिबी हटावचा नारा होता तेव्हा सुद्धा गरिबच हटले,गरिबी नाही हटली.
तेच आजतागायत सुरु आहे.

सुप्रियाताईंनी नाही का प्रचंड काम केलेले आहे पुणे अन परिसरात, विषेश्तः बारामती मध्ये, अन विशेष्तः काटेवाडी पंचक्रोशीमध्ये अन विषेश्तः पवारगल्लीमध्ये... बचत गट! Happy

कुठे लिहु?


विजेअभावी काळोखात बुडालेल्या खेडय़ापाडय़ातील गोरगरिबांसाठी प्रकाशाचे स्वप्न पाहणारा नायक केवळ ‘स्वदेश’सारख्या चित्रपटातूनच भेटतो असे नाही, तर प्रत्यक्षातही या विजेचा उजेड दुर्गम खेडय़ात पोहोचवण्याचा ध्यास घेतलेले खरेखुरे नायक पाहायला मिळतात, हा सुखद अनुभवच म्हणावा लागेल. कोणत्याही भरमसाट नफ्याची अपेक्षा न करता, अमेरिकेतील गलेलठ्ठ पगाराची नोकरी सोडून या कामासाठी वाहून घेतलेल्या पुण्यातील आशिष गावडे या तरुण अभियंत्याची कथा अशीच प्रेरणादायी आहे.
राम मनोहर लोहिया यांच्या ‘देश के लिए एक घंटा’ या वचनाचा व्यासपीठावरून वारंवार उच्चार करणाऱ्या नेत्यांनी बडबड करण्याखेरीज काहीच केले नाही. या तरुणाने मात्र समाजाविषयी असलेल्या आस्था आणि तळमळीतून ‘दहा मिनिटे सायकलिंग करा आणि चार तास वीज मिळवा’ हा अवघड, पण अभिनव प्रयोग जिद्दीने पूर्ण करीत आणला आहे. लवकरच खेडय़ापाडय़ातून त्याच्या चाचण्याही सुरू होणार आहेत. आशिष गावडे व अमेरिकेतील त्याचे मित्र अनिरुद्ध अत्रे यांच्या ‘बॉटम ऑफ पिरॅमिड एनर्जी अँड एन्व्हायर्नमेंटल इनोव्हेशन प्रा. लि.’ या कंपनीद्वारे हाती घेतलेल्या संशोधनातून लवकरच खेडय़ापाडय़ातील झोपडय़ा विजेच्या प्रकाशाने लखलखणार आहेत.


बॉटम ऑफ द पिरॅमिड हे सी के प्रल्हाद ह्यांचे खुप छान पुस्तक आहे. रिलायन्स च्या लायब्ररीत ते पुस्तक मिळाले होते.