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Reflecting on the recent break-in at the US Capitol by Trump supporters consumed by the false narrative of the last election wrote my first ever gazal with context/meaning in english. _/\_

मायावी भ्रमांचे गुंतती जाळे
शुभ्रते सत्यही रंगती काळे
अज्ञानी झिंगुनी घरी स्वतःच्या
म्हणवुनि वीर खंडती ताळे
काजळी दिव्याते झाकली अशी
उजेडी अंधार वंदती कुळे
असत्ये झाकले पूर्णते असे
मध्यांन्नी पौर्णिमा सांगती खुळे
अंधार पाजळे दिव्याशी इथे
सूर्यास काजवे संतती मिळे

[1] The web of propaganda and misinformation over last few years has muddied the Truth
[2] People claiming to be patriots broke into the people's house (Capitol) and attacked democracy
[3] Lost without light, generations are following darkness in broad daylight
[4] The lies have engulfed them so much, the fools claim that a midday sun is a full moon
[5] Darkness rises within the so-called beacon of light and freedom to the world as if the brightest star in the sky - Sun gave birth to a bunch of fire-fly insects.

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