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मी योग शिकवतो. आमच्याकडे मधुमेह असलेले अनेक स्त्री पुरुष येतात. आणि त्या सर्वांना अर्धमच्छिन्द्रासनाचा अत्यंत मोठा फायदा झाला आहे. रोज सकाळ, संध्याकाळ, आणि रात्री जेवणापुर्वी हे आसन केल्यानी किडनीवर खूप चांगला परिणाम होतो.

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हा एक फिडबॅक वर्गात योगा शिकायला येणार्‍या एका चायनीज मुलानी दिला तोही वाचा:

Dear Mr Atul
I would like share my experience and the benefits of yoga. I start yoga in 2010 at Bradell onepeople.sg and also complete my intermediate course at Ramakrishma mission. One night I can't urine and my neck swollen then the next morning I went to see a doctor and later I was send to SGH later admitted in the hospital for four days. I was diagnose a very severe diabetic in which sugar and starch are not properly absorbed by my body.
The normal body glucose was 4-6 but my body glucose is 19 – 21 even if I am not eating.
At the beginning the symptom it was my mouth very dry, skin itches and weight loss. It was on going for about one year.
After I was discharge from hospital every day I have to inject four insulin into my stomach that to bring the glucose down. One insulin is inject in my stomach is from 10ml – 23ml.
After eight month of insulin I became very weak and my complication started. My nerve pain, my side of the stomach harden and pulling, eyes vision blurs and legs swollen. Especially my legs nerve is so painful that every day in the middle of the night I use cold ice wrap with towel to sponge my legs. My weight loss further to 49kgs.All this suffering I had consults many doctors for second opinion but no improvement. One day my friend came to me his name is Daniel Heng he is now a yoga instructor. He recommends me to take up yoga.
This Hathayoga yoga is miracle my glucose is control to 4 – 7.1 and now I don't need inject insulin anymore and all the complication completely gone. I have more energy. Now I only took tablet medicines. What I do is every day in the morning five o'clock I start with Prayers, Sun-Salute,Kapal-bhakti, meditation, Sarvangsan, Halasan, Ardha Macchindrasna and Prayers. All it take me two hours and 15 mins. Hatha yoga is so wonderful and beautiful it's bringing back my life and energy. My weight also goes back to normal 61kgs just a small portion of food every day.
I will keep on practising Hatha yoga forever and I will tell all my friends about my experience and the benefits of Hatha yoga.
Lastly I sincerely wish to thanks my friend Daniel Heng to bring me to Hatha yoga and also I would like to take this opportunity to thanks you Mr Artul and to thanks the entire instructor for their valuable time and guidance.Thank you. Aston ma sat gamaya Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya Mrutyor ma gamaya Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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