NRI लोकांसाठी कॉसमॉस बँक, पुणे यांची नवीन सेवा-सुविधा.

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कॉसमॉस बँकेचे माजी / आजी अध्यक्ष / संचालक श्री.मुंकुंद अभ्यंकर यांच्याकडुन नुकतीच खालील माहिती समजली. मायबोलीवर अनेकांना उपयोगी पडुशकते म्हणुन इथे देते आहे [त्यांच्याच भाषेत] .

Recently 3 new products are specially tailored for NRI customers from USA & Canada.:

i) For parents of NRIs in Pune city,a tie up with the well known Aditya Birla Hospital is made.In case of need/emergency,ambulance service will be available to customers of Cosmos Bank.Further treatment can also be provided if demanded.All this at a reasonable cost.

ii) Those NRIs or their family members visiting India anytime shall get a cell phone on landing.(It is now known that due to rigid restrictions from Govt.of India,getting a SIM card takes 2-3 days minimum and certain documents are also needed for it).

iii) In forthcoming Deepawali, home made sweets can be shipped from Pune/Mumbai to anywhere in USA & Canada.Though there are many other shippers who do this job,speciality for Cosmos customers a trustworthy courier DHL is engaged for this.The parcel can be tracked by the receiver.Also the sweets approved by FDA of USA can be arranged by Cosmos.

Further, not only for Deepawali season, but even throughout whole year,any one wants to taste his mother-made curry or Aloo Bhaji or any other speciality dish,it can be hygienically dried and sent here.Just add only water and your mother- made dish is ready.All this in half the DHL charges to cosmos customers as compared to any other shipper.

So NRIs now have a ray of hope. Cosmos now says "Fill the Gap & Feel the difference." Send your enquiries to Cosmos website giving your email id and telephone number so that Cosmos will get back to your need immediately.

You can access its website "www.cosmosbank. com" to know of every thing you want to know.There is also an "online customer grievance and redressal cell", which have proved its utility especially in getting novel ideas and suggestions from customers and even from public in general.

Speciality of Cosmos is that it not only caters for customers satisfaction but looks to their needs and tailors and offers newer products & services to customers.So if NRIs want to have any particular product or service, it can be readily and willingly provided.

अधिक माहितीसाठी त्यांनी म्हंटल्याप्रमाणे बँकेच्या वेबसाईटवर संपर्क साधू शकता. तसेच पुढच्या महिन्यात होणार्‍या BMM साठी त्यांची टिम येते आहे. BMM ला जाणार्‍या मायबोलीकरांना प्रत्यक्ष भेटुन अधिक माहिती घेता येईल.

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