भारता बाहेरून सुट्टीवर येणाऱ्या मुलांसाठी ज्ञान प्रबोधिनी, हराळी , सोलापूर यांच्या तर्फे उन्हाळी सुट्टी शिबीर

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ज्ञान प्रबोधिनी, हराळी , सोलापूर यांच्या तर्फे खास भारता बाहेरून सुट्टीवर येणाऱ्या मुलांसाठी
Summer Camp चे आयोजन करण्यात आलेले आहे. Fun, learning, creativity, culture, music, drama, Games and group activity असा प्राथमिक उद्देश आहे. उपक्रमाचे माहिति खाली जोडलेले आहे.

Summer Camp Registration
Two Weeks’ Enrichment Program for the children of Non-Resident Indians (NRI)
Age Group: 10 to 15 Years
Monday July 30, 2012 - Saturday August 11, 2012
Jnana Prabodhini - Harali

Summer Camp Two Weeks’ Enrichment Program for the children of Non-Resident Indians (NRI)
Fun, Learning, Creativity and Culture Music, Dance, Crafts, Games and Group Activities
Enchanting venue with rich fruit plantations and Solar-wind energy systems. Complete safety regarding accommodations, water, food and environment. A team of experienced and zestful counselors and resource persons.

Dr. Swarnalata Bhishikar Dr. V.S. (Anna) Tamhankar
Cell: 011 91 88 8880-2628 Cell: 011 91 88 8880-2627

Children should arrive Jnana Prabodhini Solapur – Bal Vikas Mandir Campus on Sunday July 29th between 6:00 AM - Noon. Around 3:00 PM children will be taken by car to Harali. Village Harali is 50 miles from Solapur city – about 2 hour drive. Jnana Prabodhini Solapur–Bal Vikas Mandir Campus has lodging and boarding facility.

How to reach Jnana Prabodhini Solapur – Bal Vikas Mandir Campus.
From Mumbai there are two (2) overnight trains going to Solapur – Siddheshwar Express and Husensagar Express. Both trains reach Solapur in the morning between 6 and 7 AM. From Solapur railway station, rickshaw can take you to Bal Vikas Mandir.

On Saturday August 11, children will be brought back to Jnana Prabodhini Solapur Campus by 5:00 PM for returning home either that evening or the next day.

Mrs. Madhuri Daate
Jnana Prabodhini Solapur
156 Railway Lines, Solapur MH 413-001 INDIA
Phone: 011 91 88 8880-2632

Fee: $ 495.00 per child

Please send your check to:
Adopt A Village, Inc
2531 Redrock Drive
Corona, CA 92882 USA
Contact: Vaman Ganu
Phone: (951) 279-8870 / (951) 544-5070

Some Relevant Information
Organizing Institution: Jnana prabodhini - Harali (JPH) is a reputed organization in India working for the last 20 years for innovative education. After the massive earthquake in South Marathwada in 1993, it started vocational rehabilitation work in village Harali and has turned
a barren land of 60 acres into a green heaven. It runs a rural residential school and an agro-technical school here. There are about 7,000 fruit trees including Cashew-nut, Mango, Lime, Custard apple, Amla, Guava, Coconut, Ber etc. Renowned scientist Dr. Vasant Gowariker is the president of the organization.

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