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आम्ही १० महीन्याच्या बाळा बरोबर new york ला काही दिवस जायच planning करत आहोत. safety, reasonable rates आणि subway च्या द्रुशटिने कुठल्या area मध्ये hotel booking करावे? अजुन काही tips असेल तर जरुर सांगा.

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New York मध्ये गेल्यास Broadway वर musical जरूर पाहून घ्या, छान असतात. दुपारी दोन वाजायच्या आधी जाऊन तिकीटं काढली तर स्वस्त दरात मिळतात.

Mpt क्षमस्व, hotels विषयी काही माहिती नाही.

Well living in NYC is one of its kind experience, but I will not stay in city as its hard find any good hotel in average man's budget. Instead I'll stay in NJ and buy that diamond ring she was asking for long time from saved money.

If I were you, I'll find a place near Newark airport. Extended Stay or something like that. From there I can get a cab or drive to Newark Penn Station. (10 mins drive). I think I had paid around $900 for one week stay in this Extended Stay. You'll spend more than that for 2 days stay in city.

If you'll have car you can even drive to Pavonia/Newport from where city is just 10 mins away by underwater train called as PATH.

Penn Station to NYC is 20-25 minutes journey by same PATH train.

Also when you come back to Hotel, there is this big mall in 5 mins walking distance. watch movies do shopping

Hope it helps.

If you still want to stay in City check something above 100th St, where you might find cheap places.

I will not take a toddler on Empire state building, they get scared in those elevators and cry a lot. If I want top view, I'll try Rockefeller building

For more info http://travel.nytimes.com/travel/guides/north-america/united-states/new-...



मानुस आणि अपुर्व आभारि अहे. new york चे main attractions लहान मुलाबरोबर शान्तपणे बघायला किति दिवस लागतिल?

empire state building ची tickets online मिळतात का?
NY मधे parking कुठे करता येईल?

तुम्ही family बरोबर आहात.. नाहितर मॅनहॅटन मधे साधारण ४० $ पासून पण हॉटेल्स मिळ्तात.. त्याच्या दर्जा फार काही भारी नसतो.. पण नुसत झोपण्यापुरतं ठिक आहे... शिवाय मेट्रो आणि बस पण सोईची पडते... NY मधे गाडी नेऊच नये... कारण मॅनहॅटन मधे पार्किंग भयंकर महाग आहे.. जर तुम्ही बाहेर गावहून विमानाने येणार असाल तर गाडी रेंट करूच नका कारण तिन्ही एअरपोर्ट वरून public transport आहे... जर बाहेररून drive करून येणार असाल तर हॉटेलबाहे कुठेतरी freeparking शोधून तिथे एकदा गाडी लावून टाकावी आणि परत काढूच नये...
New York city pass नवाचा प्रकार online किंवा Timesquare च्या आसपास मिळतो.. साधारण ५०$ मधे दोन दिवसाचा पास मिळतो त्यात सगळ्ञा main attractions ची entry fee covered asate.. e.g. Empire state, statue of liberty, Madam Tussad etc.. हा पास आणि २ दिव्साचा मेट्रोचा पास एकदा काढला की बघवं लागत नाही काही... त्यात NBC Inside नावाची NBC च्या studios ची टुर असते जरूर करावी.. मस्त अनुभव आहे... तिथेच बाहेर rockfeller center आहे.. संध्याकाळी तिथे माहोल एकदम सही असतो... तिथे कॉफि घेऊन तास दोन तास नुसतं बसून रहायला पण काही वाटतं नाही.. Happy
एंपायर स्टेट वर साधारण संध्याकाळी गेलं sun set च्या थोडं आधी.. की दिवसा आणि रात्री दोन्ही चे views बघता येतात..
Time Sqaure वर एक भलंमोठं Toys R us आहे.. त्यात ही नक्की जा.. खूप मोठं आणि मस्त आहे ते.. फोटोग्राफी ची आवड असेल तर empire state वर tripod नक्की त्या.. नाहितरी सगळे फोटो हलतात.. Sad
लहान मुलाबरोबर शांतपणे बघायचं असेल तर एकपूर्ण लाँगविकएंड पुरेसा होईल..
आणि हो मुलगा बरोबर आहे.. पण शक्य असेल तर ब्रुकलिन ब्रिज वर पण जाऊन या.. सही वाट्ट तिथे खूप.. Happy Happy Journey.. do let us know how was ur trip..

maanus, I think you only can guide me.
I am coming to Hasbrouck Hts. NJ in Aug(23 to 28). I am staying at Hilton Hasbrouck Hts. NJ. I have spare time on 24th Aug. & from 27th Aug from 11.30 AM. to 28th 12.00 noon. Can you tell me which places I can visit in NY. How I should travel etc. Also is there any indian restaurants nearby to Hilton Hasbrouck Hts. NJ. Pl advise.

NY मधे pass न काढता फक्त Statue of Libery and Empire State ची Online Tickets मिळ्तील का कुठे?

NY मधे pass न काढता फक्त Statue of Libery and Empire State ची Online Tickets मिळ्तील का कुठे?

in the Battery Park, at the fort.

ask where is the fort when u enter in the park. If ppl look confused on that question, ask where is the statue ferry ticket counter.

Note: you cannot take any bags on that ferry, so carry minimum things with you. and ticket is somewhere around 17 $


hey mandard, missed to answer you, let me know if you havent figured out your trip yet.

Also is there any indian restaurants>>> man try other cousins, middle eastern, Italian

माणसा अजुन काहीही प्लान केलेला नाही.


Not sure if this is your first time in US. If yes, dont try to overdo things in NYC, like checking the whole city in one day. Thats impossible and you'll get lost. The city can be enjoyed only by walking, so be ready to walk. Keep couple of apples in your bag, they'll help you in the Big Apple. Also I am not sure if you are coming alone or with family. I am assuming you'll be alone.

From Hilton you'll have to walk couple of block to goto Teterboro train station, from here you can catch NJ Transit train to Hoboken. You'll have to purchase 2 peak tickets.

Teterboro to Hoboken
Day Of Service: Weekday
Pascack Valley Line (PASC)


Once you get down and Hoboken, purchase two tickets for PATH train. You can also purchase them at Teterboro station.

This is required to ride PATH train from Hoboken station, PATH will take you to 32nd st in NYC.

After you get down at 32nd St. you can check near by area and shops, its pretty amusing area.
If you are interested goto empire state building, this is near by. You can check empire state in day or nite whichever suites you.

Straight roads, which covers the whole island are called as avenues, they go from uptown to downtown. and the roads crossing these avenues are streets. till downtown, all streets have number. In the bigger the road number, the closer you are to uptown, and the less the number, the close to downtown.

Find out where Broadway is, its an avenue which all attractions are.

Start walking on this road towards 42 st. and if possible towards 5th avenue.
On 5th ave, you'll find all branded shops, go in each shop and enjoy the price tags.

you can walk up to 51 or 54 st on 5th ave to reach to Central Park, there is a famous Apple store right here. and Indian embassy is also near by.

You cannot cover central park after walking so much, but yeah, if you are not tired walk around. dont go beyond 70st though, as you have to walk back down to 42. to enjoy times sq.

So times sq, you have lot of lighting and people to enjoy.

There is a kati roll place somewhere on 44 st, but nothing beats Bleaker st rolls in village.

Yeah thats a lot to cover in a day. Take your time, and enjoy each place properly instead of running around.

Good luck.

Hi Manus,
As per your guidelines I have done city tour of NY on 27th Aug for half day. Only change I done is that from Hilton Hasbrouck Hts. i took NJ transit bus No.164 to NY port Authority bus station near 42nd street then I walked to Central park spent some time there and visited Apple store then took train to 34th(or 32) street to Empire State Building. Went to observatory on 86th floor. Then went around nearby area. Then walked to time square at around 8.00 PM. Visited Toys-r-us. Then again took bus back to hilton. Overall I enjoyed my day. Thank you for your guidence.

अरे मन्दार, दिवसभरात खाल्लाप्याला काय, कुठे, कस मिळाल ते पण लिही की! Happy
अरे जरा तपशीलात वृत्तान्त येवुद्यात की सगळ्यान्चे!
का गणपतीच्या स्पर्धेत प्रवासवर्णनात टाकणार आहात? तसे असेल तरी हरकत नाही.... तयारीला लागा! Happy
आपला, लिम्बुटिम्बु

लिम्बुभाउ, अहो मी आठवडाभर कंपनीच्या कामासाठी न्यु जर्सी ला गेलो होतो. फक्त अर्धा दिवस मोकळा मिळाला होता मग माणसाच्या सल्ल्याप्रमाणे थोडा फिरलो न्यू यॉर्क शहरात. खाणे पिणे काही खास नाही. आणि official trip चे प्रवास वर्णन काय लिहायचे.