प्रगत देशातील समस्या (First World Problems)

Submitted by माणूस on 9 June, 2011 - 16:57

आज हे वाचुन खुप हसु आले म्हणून इथे टाकावे वाटले... पण कुठे टाकावे कळत नव्हते


  • Does your HDTV take too long to turn on?
  • Is the air conditioning at work too cold during the summer and too hot during the winter?
  • Does your car's AUX input only allow for two devices?
  • Someone only give you a large shake, not a super-size?
  • Is the wireless internet you're stealing not go very fast?
  • Did you have to go extreme lengths to avoid talking or meeting someone?

If it's a problem you can only have if you have money, we'll feel bad for you. Then we'll feel guilty for having enough money to have the same problem.

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