कोणत्या प्रकारचा जिनीअस तुम्ही आहात?

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शेवटचा प्रतिसाद
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Time to

तिशी ओलांडाल्यावर असे वाटले का की मुलभूत, अचाट असे काही तरी करायचे राहून गेले? आपण सुधा ऑल्सो रॅन ह्या वर्गवारीचा एक भाग झालो?

असे वाटले असेल तर खालील लिंक जरूर वाचा (अर्थात तुम्ही अधी वाचले असेलच किंवा तुम्हाला हे अधिपासुनच माहीती असेलही :-))



छान आहे आर्टिकल. धन्यवाद पेशवा. २-३ आवडलेली वाक्य टाकतो लेखामधली.
Most people in economics do their best work before the age of 35. And I was constantly irritated that these guys were getting ahead of me,” Galenson says. “But from very early in my career, I knew I could do really good work. I didn’t know exactly how, and I didn’t know when. I just had this vague feeling that my work was going to improve.”

We need to look at that more halting, less certain fellow and perhaps not write him off too early, give him a chance to ride the upward curve of middle age.

This is a universal theory of creativity, not a Viagra for sagging baby boomer self-esteem. It’s no justification for laziness or procrastination or indifference. But it might bolster the resolve of the relentlessly curious, the constantly tinkering, the dedicated tortoises undaunted by the blur of the hares.