The arrow of knowledge

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11 वर्ष ago

माझ्या 'what was I thinking' ब्लॉग मधुन ....
The colloquium today was about how our Galaxy is actually rotating over 10% faster than what was thought earlier. The speaker, Mark Reid, walked us through the history of parallax in the first part. It is always fascinating to see how there are visionaries in different ages who thing far ahead of their time. Often their guesses are wrong in terms of the magnitude, but the spirit is right. Time bears them out. Slowly but steadily our knowledge increases.

Elsewhere have been fighting a battle against astrology. It is equally intriguing to see how some (many) people pull this veil over their beings. Often it is due to some bad thing happening when their mind is weak and some such pseudostuff seemed to have helped them. I am often told that it is rather futile to fight this. To an extent I understand that. But at the same time it is mesmerizing to look at history where kingdoms have been raised and erased following the followership of different Gods, and faiths, and clans. These facets expose an ancient part of our very being, a window into our living past.

Things change and yet they are the same. The ruckus over Marathi in Maharshtra is an example. There was a time when there was Patliputra, the Golden smoke etc. Then some external rulers, the democracy. What exactly is that democracy? To be pushed away by force when some people think they are above the law? In that sense things have not changed. And perhaps they never will. But we keep accumulating new knowledge and revising our knowledge base. It is not an issue of if this is beneficial or not, and neither does the question arise if the new knowledge will be used for just the good or not. The picture that I seem to take away from these different fragments is akin to a spiral galaxy with jets. The junta forms the multitude of stars rotating in the disk. Each going a long way, but collectively not going anywhere. On the other hand the jet represents the abstract knowledge that we are gaining which a small percentage of people near the center are able to appreciate and propagate. It is this brightness that will be visible from far away. For everybody else the plane is truth.

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MNS and the Marathi agenda


काय म्हणु ?
Things change and yet they are the same. >> अगदी. अगदी. अगदी.
For everybody else the plane is truth. >> टाळ्या.


मी माझ्या सोयीसाठी तुमच्या वाक्यांचा क्रम बदलला.

पूर्वी भारतात पण म्हणे सर्वज्ञानी असे लोक होऊन गेले. त्यांच्या मते त्यांना ज्ञानप्राप्ति झाली. ते सगळे त्यांनी पुढील पिढ्यांना दिले. आता त्या ज्ञानाला कुणीहि विचारत नाही.

आजकाल ज्ञान म्हणजे जे काय आहे त्याचा उपयोग शारीरिक सुखसोयी वाढवण्याकडे नि WMD करण्याकडे होतो. गेली हजार वर्षे तसेच चालू आहे.

जेंव्हा आपले कामक्रोधादि दुर्गुण संयमित कसे ठेवावे, हे ज्ञान होईल, तेंव्हाच काहीतरी फार मोठ्या प्रमाणावर बदलेल. तिकडे सध्या कुणाचे लक्ष नाही. उलट भावना दडपून ठेवू नकोस, बाहेर येऊ देत असेच सांगतात!! म्हणून मग मनाविरुद्ध झाले की शिकलेले सगळे ज्ञान विसरून जंगलीपणा पुढे येतो, तो बदलतच नाही.

WMD: Weapons of mass destruction. Atom bomb, Hydrogen bomb, chemical weapons etc.

<< the jet represents the abstract knowledge that we are gaining which a small percentage of people near the center are able to appreciate and propagate.>>
कुठले ज्ञान आहे त्या जेट्स मधे? अ‍ॅटम बाँब पेक्षा जास्त हानिकारक बाँब बनवण्याचे, का हे विश्व नक्की किती मोठे आहे, नक्की किती वर्षांपूर्वी सुरु झाले, कसे, याबद्दल?

फ, अरे कितीतरी वेळा लिहिणं असं वाटुन राहुन जातं की अजुन विस्तारानी लिहु. कधिकधि जे जितकं वाटलं असतं तितकं लिहिल्या जातं. हो expand करायला हवं.

Will we (or how we behave and what we believe in) have any role in what will happen to the universe, few billion years from now? Can we change the course?

ते आपण नेमके काय करतो यावर पुर्णतः अवलंबुन आहे. युद्ध करुन आपल्याला पंख फुटायच्या आतच पृथ्विला नष्ट केले तर फा प्रभाव नाही पाडु शकणार.

मग असे कुठले ज्ञान तुम्हाला अभिप्रेत आहे? प्रदूषण कमी करण्याचे? तसले ज्ञान तर आत्ताच आहे, पण मनुष्यस्वभाव आडवा येतो. तो योग्य मार्गावर आणण्याचे ज्ञान आहे का कुठे?