सीडीज आणि डीव्हीडीज ची जपणूक.

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.सीडीज आणि डीव्हीडीज ची जपणूक कशी करावी? जेणेकरून त्या वर्षानुवर्षे इन्टॅक्ट रहातील?

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१. Always handle discs by the center of hole

२. Never wipe any disk with a dry cloth or shirtsleeve. Use CD/DVD cleaning products.

३. Always put disc(s) in their cases after usage i.e. you should return disc to storage case
immediacy after use

४. Store disc in clean and cool environment.

५. Use special marker pen to mark label. Do not use any other pen or ink that might take time to dry.

६. you can also very carefully insert the discs into a system or case this prevents one out of all scratches

७. If you do get fingerprints or food on your compact discs, wipe it of gently with a soft cloth and buff out all smudges and fingerprints.

८. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwLtwbcmj6s

९. http://photocollector.net/TipCD.htm