Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find Marathi/Devnagri fonts, word processor?
All the fonts and utilities that we are aware of , can be downloaded by following the links in "Tantralelya Mantrabanaat (Technology)" 
If you  know any new font, which is not listed, please let us know the
details and we will gladly add the link.
I am looking for Marathi Mandal in xyz city in abc country
Look under "Maharashtra dharma vadhvavaa(Community)". If it is not listed there we are not aware of its web site or other details so may not be able to help you. If you came to know, please let us know and we will update the section for benefit of others.
How can my/our  web site be added on Maayboli?
Just let us know the url, a brief description and we will gladly add it. We will add the web site whether commercial or non commercial. The only criteria we look for is,  it need to be related to marathi language and/or maharashtra.  It is not guaranteed that every web site submitted will be added. But we are usually very flexible.
I am looking for "something", can you help?
Please look around the site and you may find some clues to what you are looking for. Try search or ask for help on Hitguj where you may get a quicker reply from a member. We appreciate and encourage you to write us. But we get so many such requests daily that it is  not possible to reply to each. Sometimes we do help, sometimes we can not. We  apologize if we could not reply or acknowledge your personal request. Mostly if we are aware of anything we would have already published it here.
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