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Aahar aaNee rogaache niyatraN

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Monday, February 27, 2006 - 6:24 am:   Edit Post Delete Post Print Post  Link to this message

हे बहुतेक सर्वानी वाचले असेलच
आणी माहिती सुद्धा असेल की सध्याचा ज्वलंत प्रश्ण आहे दोन रोग

२) cholesterol
यातिल काही गोष्टी माहित असल्या त्या आचरणात आणणे जड जाते कारण सवय' (food habits) .

just thought of sharing, if its written by someone else or somewhere else here,mod can delete. if other guys want to share their knowledge then also are welcome. I ahve taken this tips from most of the doctors(relative), so pls note that this is not read from somewhere knowledge of mine but taken from doctors articles.

मी सुरवात करते.

मधुमेह - हा रोग मुळतह cholesterol वाढल्याने होतो. त्याचबरोबर genetic tendency of storing cholesterol leads to diabetis, again genetic factors like tendency to get depressed, tendency to take stress quickly, frequent moods changes, hormonal imbalance, emotional dsiturbance contribute to diabetis.

cholesterol is not related to size of the person, whether thin or fat, it can be worst in thin person too compare to fat person at times.
दोन प्रकरात one is Type 1 -born with it and other is Type 2 -aquired
टाईप एक मधे insulin ची गरज ज्यस्त असते. टाईप दोन मधे combination of insulin or tablets .

आजकाल वय परत्वे होणारा हा रोग नाही. अगदी चार वर्षाच्या वयापासून मुलांना होवू शकतो.

आपला आहर हा खुप मदत करू शकतो जरी तुम्ही healthy असलात तरी.

first always check how mcuh calories are needed,check the family history of diabetis and cholesterol,
check intake of trans fats that lead to storage of lipids,
check gycemic index of food. this is not only applicable to people having diabetis or cholesterol but whose fmaily history is true for both then children are at high risk of having at younger age.

more later

Monday, February 27, 2006 - 6:31 am:   Edit Post Delete Post Print Post  Link to this message

for ladies- always at risk if they have pear shaped body. more at risk of having cholesterol problem. when your lower waistline increses, risk is directly proportional to such diseases.
for men- stomach is 2 times more than your chest size. watchful. good way of measuring , stand striaght and see if you can see toe of your foot., if not you are in que with cholesterol problem.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007 - 12:39 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post Print Post  Link to this message

ईथे मायबोली वर कोणी डायटेशियन आहे का? असल्यास कृपया संपर्क साधाल का? धन्यवाद.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007 - 3:02 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post Print Post  Link to this message

मने ! छान माहिती लिहलियस.... अजुन लिही या विषयावर .. कशी आहेस तु आता?भारतवारी कशी झाली?..

चोखंदळ ग्राहक
महाराष्ट्र धर्म वाढवावा
व्यक्तिपासून वल्लीपर्यंत
पांढर्‍यावरचे काळे
गावातल्या गावात
तंत्रलेल्या मंत्रबनात
आरोह अवरोह
शुभंकरोती कल्याणम्
विखुरलेले मोती

हितगुज गणेशोत्सव २००६

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