Roti Pizza - Healthy snacks for kids

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This Roti Pizza is very delicious and kids love it, also we can add more veggies to it to make Bhaji Poli Wink and kids will finish it happily.

One fulka
Shredded cheese - 3-4 tsp. or as per taste
Peanut Butter 2 tsp. or as per taste
Cheese Spread 2 tsp. or as per your taste
Thinly sliced Mix veggies - 1 small cup or as you like (I used cabbage, tomato, capsicum, coriander leaves, onions or as per your choice)
Pizza sauce - 2 tsp. or as per taste
Pizza seasoning and red chilly powder as per taste

क्रमवार पाककृती: 

1. Take Roti / Fulka on a flat plate.
2. Spread peanut butter or simple butter on the roti.
3. Spread cheese spread on it.
4. Spread pizza sauce.
5. Spread veggies on sauce.
6. Sprinkle shredded cheese over veggies.
7. Sprinkle pizza seasoning, red chilly on cheese.
8. Heat oven for 3 minutes on 180 degree, convection mode.
9. Cook Pizza for 5-6 minutes or till done or cheese melts. Time depends on your ovan.
10.Cut and serve with sauce or have as it is.
Enjoy the delicious and healthy snack.

अधिक टिपा: 

You can use simple butter in place of peanut butter or some oil if you run out of butter.
You can use the veggies as per your choice.

You can also cook this pizza on tawa or pan, heat the pan, spread some oil or butter over it, add pizza and cook covered on low flame until cheese melts, after 2-3 minutes check and if not melted cook for more 2-3 minutes.

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