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Saturday, March 01, 2008 - 6:55 am:   Edit Post Delete Post Print Post  Link to this message

I am working for a pvt off in admin dept,I came across a placement agency having a weekly paper with all resumes of all category,I called them asking for any good candidates for our office as well as factory which is near Aurangabad?they said definately they can provide as they have 40 branches all over Maharashtra,I asked for some references where they have succeded in giving good candidates, they said they have many but cant disclose as it has been done from their branch offices.Relying on them I gave a cheque for Rs.3000/ and got the receipt also for it.
After 4-5 days, I started doing a followup since the chq was cleared till then.
I kept on calling regularly, and they kept me on hold and give explainations saying today - tommorow they will send the candidates,now three months have passed & I got nothing but just a dirty feeling that I have been fooled.I shouted, fired at them severaltime over the phone,but they are really shameless. Then one day suddenly I got a call from a lady in their office, saying that they are fishy they misuse the Licence No, of the newspaper,they go to BEER BAR, act as if they are from a renowned media & blackmail, & get handsome amount for keeping mum .
The whole day only 4-5 people attend the calls with their change in voice & tone and make us feel that there are many staff working & heavy workload is there.For two weeks in the begining they delivered 2 newspaper,since then nothing is comming, they are not bothered even to give a courtesy call.
I tried to get help through several persons known to me,as this was a matter of my position but thay said just forget it as they are having some political support.
The editor is a lady, who never comes to the off (they said,she is always busy with meetings & appointments)
I heard them saying "woh ladki kuch nahi kar sakti, chahe jo kar le"
I am just fooled & I have to keep dumb when my senior give me nice....
I went to do good with good intension and I am in worst & awkward condition.
This is not a matter of only Rs.3000.00, Is it so easy for some body to make a fool and no body can help in this,(everybody have guided me to shut my mouth & forget & beware next time)
I become very restless whenever this comes in my mind.Have I made a mistake?

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