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400 years of samarth ramdas

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Saturday, February 09, 2008 - 5:48 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post Print Post  Link to this message

''in baroda -This year we are celebrating 400 years of the birth of a genius who loved his country ,his theology faith of universal humanity Hinduism,his love faith for 'Ram' and his society like nobody ever had before in such a comprehensive way and vision.He worked hard for 74 years for that ,established 1100 maths across India and encouraged Shivaji to resist denigration of hindu Indian culture then.Swami Ramdas ji the Guru of Shivaji and so many in that difficult times for Hindus -1608 AD to 1682AD was a genius born on Ram navami in Maha-''rashtra''.He gave aunique message through his granth -book-the Das bodha.His work and his scope was vast.He told his bhaktas to do hari katha nirupana -read scriptures well...,do rashtrakaran= to act for welfare of the nation society then under Muslim Theological rule where everything Indian was being destroyed on purpose by Aurangzeb and his team.The third teaching was to be always alert to the threats to all and ours..he said...The fourth was unrelenting hard work for the self and the nation.So he was not called a saint but a '' Samarth'' = ''the able one''= by the generations to come.He was beyond all biases of gender and castes and so made any one who was capable a incharge of a math!even Ladies and men of all castes and classes.He had aknack of making Men out of clay as he had himself led a tough life to raise himself bodily and spiritually to the highest levelHis physical strengths and stamina of work was terrific,built by perseverance over formative years.His maths were centres of hindu revival on the face of a powerful Muslim onslaught of aurangzebs' Mission to destroy as much of hindu iconic culture and its followers as possible.He found so much pain and sufferring of the people due to two factors-1. Asmani=weather famines and 2,Sultani-obvious as atold above !His records would prove how ''secular'' mughals were and how so many of the powerful kings of all regions had capitulated to them instead of Facing this Unitedly!!But read his work and you will never find any venom or violence.Just how to live well outside and within by self help..He himself declared that after HIs death you all should follow the tenets of das bodha atmarama =scriptures and the noble life example of Rama as maryada Purshottaama and his kaya body and speech!! Such was his wisdom.His tenets are actually great for our ARMY men who fight in difficult situations face stress and die, kill their seniors or commit suicide too.This will give them a purpose of life withour bitterness towards anybody..His words are a chart or a map to acievements for even those who want to Achieve more..climb heights and still be sane and happy.His Brahmanya=being a brahmin was truely divine with wisdom and charachter NOT by any birth or castes!!He was strict disciplinarian and wanted all mahants who lead the maths to inculcate knowledge,science,skills,accumulate grain and wealth for welfare ,expand wisdom and patriotism by kirtan which was complete 'entertainment-music dance and taala filled to gather maximaum people then!If only Shivaji lived for few more years or so many Indian leaders had joined hands with HIm then the picture of our country would have been so different..same as today...see around you all how we are our own enemy..how we are ashamed of our own mother cultures tongue and are looking only at the effects of the devastating Cause in the history..we need his gentle sayings more so today..but very few good translations by experts are available for you all to taste the wisdom..as for so many indian saints across India..
So PP Shankar Abhyankarji Pune Of
www.adityapratisthan.org has decided to built a ''sarv sant Pith'' at lonawala 33 acres land .All can then come and learn the wisdom of all saints from all the varied languages and sub cultures of this vast land India. lend your support to this cause ..

look into these sites and judge yourselves esp after reading the tenets of dasbodha..his message to our mana -our souls and heart to listen to and follow good things in life.
few things Samarth ji taught us to--
1.Thank Almighty for the human body with its skills and mind with which we all can do so much good for us and ALL.
2.Self Confidence and patience perserverance to work hard for continous improvement of the self and the society.self reliance and hard work shedding Laziness .
3.''I am the sculptor of my own life ''--he thundered to all..come on take your reigns in your own hands and improve..
4.What is the ideal living and thinking and action..importance of maintaining healthy strong body to get things done well.
5.Improve your inner world first ,know thyself and thy weaknesses first..improve by sadgurus guidance TIMELY..
6.Signs of the FOOLS --common ones and the learned Ones too!!
7.how to win friends and influence people for the good of all.learn all skills and arts music dance and scriptures .re read them well ..learn to know the time situation,person,his intentions,what is good for the majority of scoiety,no racial differences ,no color or dress code..give o lord to me contacts ever with the WISE ones sadgurus and let me follow the dictums well..give me knowledge its timely use,nonmaterialism,gentle speech and character non violence till we are harmed ..service to all without any biases..and brahma anubahva -the revelation to me and all that I do not know that is actually good for me and the society give me that O Rama..he said ..
were his final words for us all of any faith in India.

there is so much more of man mangement and governance you all may find as you see the web sites above or read das bodha..mana che shloka..soon..OOMM jai jai Raghuveer samarth..
Read these gems of wisdom from the sites below and decide what is the importance of Rama in Indian life across this vast and varied but culturally ONE land..since centuries..

Thursday, December 03, 2009 - 4:03 am:   Edit Post Delete Post Print Post  Link to this message

samarthramdas400.in हे नवीन सन्केत स्थल आपन पहिलेत क?

हितगुज गणेशोत्सव २००६

चोखंदळ ग्राहक
महाराष्ट्र धर्म वाढवावा
व्यक्तिपासून वल्लीपर्यंत
पांढर्‍यावरचे काळे
गावातल्या गावात
तंत्रलेल्या मंत्रबनात
आरोह अवरोह
शुभंकरोती कल्याणम्
विखुरलेले मोती

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